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Bosch Software Innovations offers all users a platform which provides specific information and downloads of Bosch Software Innovations products and services and a forum where customers and partners can exchange experiences about using the software. Beside the free discussion forum all users have also the opportunity to submit feature requests for future releases. This allows our users to actively take part within design and future developments of our software.
The participants of the forum acknowledge that all information obtained within the forum are to be used for their own application of our software. All contents of this forum must not be published to third parties and are only provided to customers and partners of Bosch Software Innovations.
The administrators and moderators of this forum will edit or delete contributions with questionable content as fast as possible, but it is not possible to check every single message. Accepting this terms of use you agree that any contribution in this forum reflect the opinion of the author. All participants of the forum commit themselves not to publish offensive, vulgar or defaming content in this forum. Doing so may lead to immediate and permanent closure. Furthermore all participants of the forum accept that the operators, administrators and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or block single contributions in their sole discretion.
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